Alicia Kokocinski


It was a messy writing assignment – pulling together content from lots of sources in all sorts of formats and varying degrees of writing quality.

In fact, it could have been called tedious and boring. But Ann tackled the drafting of writing three guides to support volunteers and volunteering in Victoria with great patience and skill.

Ann’s fabulous value-add is that she writes with her brain switched on – pointing out gaps and flaws in the products and providing suggestions on what might address them.


In addition, Ann has produced some lively and empathetic volunteer stories for our website.

She brought the right tone to the brief – telling stories which covered a lot of ground without losing sight of the character and story of each individual – why they do what they do, and what makes volunteering great.

Ann’s service is terrific. She delivers on time and according to the brief (including those that metamorphose during a project).

She offers insight and is a pleasure to work with – and you can’t put a price on that.