Blogs and Beyond 


I was stuck, not really sure how to begin, or what framework to use. Now I feel it’s much easier than I thought, and I have a structure to follow that has made the idea of writing blogs less formidable! 

I think the Blogs and Beyond workshop is for anyone who is new to blogging, to inspire and motivate them to have a go, start writing and see what happens.  And for those who think they can’t write or don’t know where to start.

Ann’s blogging workshop was a powerful experience – I loved her engaging energy, her approach, and her style of presenting.

I was surprised to find words flowing out of me during the exercises, and a new belief that blogging just might be for me after all!

In such a short workshop I received a wealth of blogging material to last me months – and the confidence to use it. Gold :)

- Jane Robotham



I was so impressed with Ann’s writing workshop! I loved how organically she could draw content from my mind, and her exercises made it very easy to create ideas, concepts and new ways to tell my story in my business.

I would always struggle with the WHAT I could write about for my content marketing (blogs, social media posts, etc.) and I was amazed at how easy her exercises were to create long lists of content ideas!

I found her to be a warm, genuine and engaging presenter, and saw people opening up and collaborating effortlessly to come up with ideas to expand their business.

Her workshops are a must attend if you’ve been challenged by sharing your business story and writing content. 

- Peta-Gai McLaughlin