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For people who like to write

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You’ve got plenty to say, but no time to write it down. You have loads of ideas, but don’t know where to start.

We write business books and company histories for business people just like you. For clients wanting a reliable, long-term copy writer, we also provide content for websites, brochures, profiles, blogs, articles, newsletters and anything else you might need to promote the great work you do.

As experienced, professional writers and editors, we listen closely to understand your needs, map out the brief and get on with the business of writing your story. We’ve got an eye for good content, an ear for personal style and the brain for untangling and making sense of other people’s ideas. We’ve also got strong stomachs! We tackle all sorts of topics.



Collaborwriting is so much fun we made up a word for it!

As the name suggests, we work more closely during collaborwration than with ghostwriting. Although it’s a similar process to ghostwriting, there’s the added bonus of the author – you! – developing their own writing skills.

It doesn’t matter how messy your thinking seems in your head, as professional story coaches we’ll prompt and prod and poke until it makes sense.

Collaborwriting is a valuable investment if you have the time, commitment and inclination to develop your own writing skills. It’s a flexible approach that we nut out together according to your needs and availability.

Like the sound of collaborwriting? Contact us to discuss how it might work.


If you’ve already penned a draft, we can edit it to ensure you’re saying exactly what you want to say.

A good editor will always edit your text according to your style, aims and intended audience. Different types of editing attend to different elements and stages towards publication. Find out about structural editing, copy editing and proofreading below then touch base with any questions.


Company histories

Celebrate ten, twenty, thirty years in business!

Honour a changing of the guard as founders retire.

Commemorate a series of company successes.

It’s important to get the wisdom down before the memories fade or staff move on, by investing in telling the unique story of your organisation. Through reading archives and conducting fresh interviews we can compile a company history to share proudly with your staff, shareholders, family and peers. We even have staff photographers to capture your people and your place.

A story to tell can write your company history, large or small, as a booklet, magazine or a full narrative book. Whatever format suits your style, we can help.

Contact us to discuss your ideas. We’d love to celebrate with you.



For businesses who don't have their own copywriter or whose communications team needs a hand to deliver on time and to brief, A story to tell is happy to help.

Our professional team is experienced in every single thing you might need. No kidding! We write and edit annual reports, articles, books, blogs, brochures, company profiles, individual profiles, newsletters, ezines, websites. We also provide story-coaching services services to business people who have the time, interest and capacity to improve their own written communication.

We don’t do last-minute one-offs! We do do long-term relationships — getting to know each other’s approach and understanding the needs of your business to ensure you’re targeting your intended audience with the right words across all of your content. If this sounds like a match, please get in touch.


Story coaching for businesses

Story coaches are professional sounding boards primed to help you cultivate the confidence to find your place within your niche. We strengthen your voice so that it’s heard over and through all of the clatter.

Story coaching is specific to your project. We don’t rehearse on something that doesn’t really matter. We dive straight in with your blogs, articles, chapters, [fill in here], in real time.

Usually, at the start of the process, we edit the drafts more strongly, but as you learn and feel more certain of your skills, we’re delighted to butt out!

Story coaching can take many forms:

  • Nutting out what you do and why, and how you’re going to tell everyone about it
  • Fortnightly feedback sessions on your blogs
  • Chapter-by-chapter analysis of your book-in-progress
  • Weekly reminders to help you stick to your goals
  • Writing prompts from a coach who understands what you’re striving to achieve.

All or none of the above.

It's a personal thing. Let's chat about what you need.


We can also write your content and/or coach you or your team to improve your own writing.

Communicating what you do best is our business. No matter where you're at, we provide professional skills and guidance to help you tell your best story.