Dennis Gentilin

Though Dennis Gentilin describes his book as technical, I believe he has created an important addition to our understanding of ethics at a vital time. Based on his experience of working at the FX trading desk at the National Australia Bank, Dennis draws on the disciplines of psychology and philosophy to explain how we can all feel the temptations experienced by NAB staff during a significant trading scandal in the 2000s.

Even when writing a technical book, a great deal of creativity is required. The success of the book is largely predicated on how well the author links the concepts and ideas within it, and provides the reader with a narrative. Non-fiction writers, too, have a “story to tell”.

Doing this successfully is extraordinarily challenging, especially for a first time author. It is therefore understandable that I approached Ann from A story to tell… harbouring a lot of uncertainty about my writing.

Had I done my topic justice? Did I dive into the academic literature too deeply and risk losing my readers? Were the concepts presented understandable to the layperson? Did the book “flow”? Most importantly, had I produced something that deserved to sit on a bookshelf?

Ann was able to allay many of my concerns, and not only provide me with the guidance that all first time authors require, but give me the confidence to take the next step in my journey as a writer – publication.