Darcy Conroy

Ann gained my confidence with a simple technique. She cared. Deeply. I don’t mean she cared about me (though she did, and I now consider her a friend), I mean that she cared about the outcome of her work on my manuscript.


Tommy Cotton

The whole time she was as much a coach as an editor. She guided and helped me beyond what I’d expect. Her knowledge of writing and the industry was outstanding and so helpful for a new author.


Rebecca Rose

Richard gave me an extremely detailed appraisal that I am very thankful for. It made me understand my writing style and my story even more. I was able to see what I needed to change and improve on to strengthen the story.


Ana Spoke

Despite being the single highest cost of self-publishing so far, the copy edit will be the one expense I will never regret.


Yannick Thoraval

Ann understood my story and helped me to see the ways in which my writing was letting it down. It was a painful process sometimes, but I’ll be back for more.


Alex Fenton

While I felt the structure and plots were reasonably sound, I needed a fresh eye to give the work a serious copy edit. I was into draft seven and had lost the ability to see the work objectively.


Jennifer Hansen

When providing a structural edit on my first novel, Ann’s attention to detail has been remarkable. She poses careful but useful questions of both the plot and character and, through really listening to my answers, she understands what I’m trying to achieve.


Lucy Trelour

As a practising writer, Ann has a keen understanding of the fragility of a writer’s ego, and the ways in which positive energy can be as important as the appraisal itself.


Margareta Olsson

Lu was fantastic in really getting under the skin of the characters in the story I gave her to read. Her questions about the characters forced me to think about their motivations in a way that was novel to me. I will be forever grateful to her for the insights she provided.