Gabrielle Bergen

Gabrielle Bergan’s heartfelt memoir Return to My Soul was in very good shape when it came to us from across the seas. She’d been crafting the story and shaping the words. Now she needed a fresh pair of eyes. Here’s what she has to say …

I came across Ann Bolch’s website while looking for an Australian editor to read through the draft of my first book, Return to My Soul, prior to publishing. I wanted to make sure that the manuscript was the best it could be.

I could see from Ann’s website that she has a genuine interest in the art of storytelling, and that rhythm is important to her; the rhythm of a story is important to me too.

Ann replied promptly to my email, and we agreed on a copy edit. She was the perfect person for me to work with. I write concisely, but Ann showed me how to refine my writing even more, for which I’m grateful.

During our Skype calls, I was able to discuss areas of the text that I was unsure about. This was very important to me because I had worked on my own with the manuscript for a long time and I had many questions. Because Ann had immersed herself in my story, our discussions were of great value.

Ann is an experienced and good editor. She gives a lot of herself. She is honest in her feedback and when she’s unsure about something she’ll find out and let you know. She’s also reliable and keeps deadlines.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Ann. I recommend her warmly.