You Have

a story to tell

We'll help you tell it.

That story's been bubbling away for a while. If not on paper or in a digital file, it can be found in the back of your mind ...

You're right. It's time to get it out.

At A story to tell, we help writers, businesses and families get their stories down. No matter if your story is thoughts scribbled on a page, a series of blogs or a fully fleshed out manuscript, our writers, editors and story coaches have the breadth and depth of experience to guide your precious words to publication.

Engage our storytellers' ear and editors' eye for detail to ensure you’re telling your richest, most memorable story.



 For writers

From workshops on craft

 to advice on publishing,

and everything in between,

we'll help you get it done!

You can write. You know that. You're proud of your efforts thus far. But your current project is giving you the heebie jeebies. There's (at least) one bubble of anxiety that needs popping!

You need a companion, a guide, a muse, a professional story coach who can be supportive, honest and encouraging at once.

At A story to tell our practising writers, editors and story coaches understand the writing life. Our compassionate team offers appraisals, feedback and guidance for works of long and short fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

We have a whole suite of services for writers. Click below to learn more.


for families

Through story, we remember, connect, even heal.


The ancient art of passing stories from generation to generation is alive and well. It's about talking, listening, being present. Being heard.

So when’s a good time to start the ball rolling?

It’s never too early to collect these memories for posterity. Families can invest in writing or collating stories for parents’ and grandparents’ birthdays or family reunions. Memoirs can celebrate a wedding anniversary, a birth or a life well lived. They can mark generational change.

There are three different ways that A story to tell can help your family record the stories. Click below to read more about each service or get in touch to tell us about your needs.


For Businesses

You’ve got something to say,

but don’t know where to start.

Why not start here at A story to tell?

We write business books and company histories for people just like you.

Perhaps you've started, but then got busy or waylaid or bamboozled by all of your (brilliant!) ideas.

You might have a first draft you're unsure about.

No matter the state of your efforts so far, we can help you ascertain the strengths, areas for improvement and possible next steps for your writing project. With us around, you'll get it done.

As experienced, professional writers and editors, we listen closely to understand your needs and your unique offering to the world. Then we map out a brief and get on with the business of writing or editing your story.

We’ve got an eye for good content, an ear for personal style and the brain for untangling and making sense of other people’s ideas. We’ve also got strong stomachs! We tackle all sorts of topics.


Can't see where your project fits? We're flexible.

Get in touch to explain what you need. Or read on for excerpts from some testimonials to see what really happens between the pages …

We were pleased to have Ann Bolch’s skills on board when we set up our Fernlea House Memoirs Program. As a writer, editor and interviewer, she knew exactly how to ask questions of our guests to get their memories rolling and their stories flowing.
— Helen Pike, Manager Fernlea House
Ann Bolch has been a real asset to my organisation. She can turn her hand to all types of writing and editing, and does so enthusiastically, thoughtfully and in a timely manner.
— Martin Wren, CEO Nova Employment
Ann truly cares about writers bringing their work to life. She is a pleasure to work alongside: fun, smart, incredibly knowledgeable and a genuine partner on your writing journey.
— Mike Adams, The Intrepid CEO
Ann gained my confidence with a simple technique. She cared. Deeply. I don’t mean she cared about me … I mean that she cared about the outcome of her work on my manuscript.
— Darcy Conroy, As Long As She Lives