Ideas, huh? You have a big one, dontcha? Or a small one that's been simmering for years. Or maybe you have so many ideas you don't know which one to pick.

The trouble is – you could start anywhere.

At A story to tell, we help you find a starting point. Your starting point. Through a series of clever questions, we help you tease out the why and the how of this story that simply must be told. We'll help you blast proctrastination off the page by setting goals and creating a personal, doable process to follow.

Because each writer and each project is different to the next, we take a flexible approach to how we help people turn ideas into action. Essentially, we listen to your thoughts, fears and needs then help you come up with your next steps.

Contact us for more information. Our first 15-minute chat is free. After that, we can arrange to meet on the phone, via Skype or in person to brainstorm ideas or create a writing plan just for you.

Check out our Resources page for plenty of ways to start, continue and keep going! When you’ve completely devoured these resources, tried some of the exercises and written a few thousand words, you’re probably ready for the next stage – short critique.