Jennifer Hansen

Many highly regarded literary types have given feedback on my writing over the years, but none has been as thorough as Ann Bolch. When providing a structural edit on my first novel, Ann’s attention to detail has been remarkable.

She poses careful but useful questions of both the plot and character and, through really listening to my answers, she understands what I’m trying to achieve.

This makes the entire writing process so much easier. She delivers her wisdom with good humour and the knowledge that this story is mine to tell.

As a copy editor, her eye for detail is amazing. She’s thorough and has dedicated time to learn about the finer points of grammar and punctuation. But even more important than picking up grammatical errors, Ann taps into the gist of a story and understands each character’s motivations and actions.

Her overall advice is spot on. Plus she has this uncanny knack of knowing which bits to take out to tighten the story – an essential editorial skill, but hard to find. She’s a clear and willing communicator who’s become a real asset to my Making Headlines project.

Ann has a wonderful sense of rhythm, structure and pace – all of which are essential to making your novel flow in the best possible way. She’s a brilliant writer too, so well understands the entire process.