Jo Scanlan

Looking back, I was always going to end up as a writer, editor, or both. Starting school and finding out about reading and books was an electric epiphany.

But first I had to reject all vocational advice and become a teacher. Here’s the thing: my love affair with language and literature was matched by my interest in food and health (oh, and a history buff also lurks within). Teaching English and home economics made sense.

Teaching was good to me. But while on family leave I studied professional writing and editing. Bingo! I’d struck it rich and was determined to work in the field. Now after a fruitful decade as Publications Manager for a teachers’ association (producing educational texts, membership periodicals, marketing materials and much more), I am freelancing as both writer and editor.

So far my bread and butter has been writing VCE curriculum and editing a professional journal. I’ve also written a novel about a Melbourne family during World War I. The work is diverse and challenging: I enjoy climbing learning curves and delivering a job well done.

What could be better than working closely with people and messing about with words? I am so happy to be here.


  • Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Deakin University.