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Kevin Hadley

Having served a five-year term as Victorian Executive Director of the Australian Marketing Institute I’m am often asked, “What is the most important skill required to produce an effective marketing strategy or campaign?” 

The answer no longer fills me with dread as my head rumbles through all the tasks encompassed by the word marketing.

In the end one word always stands head and shoulders above the rest: communication. By this I mean accessible and powerful communication to a target audience in need.

All too often great products and services fail to meet their potential in a competitive marketplace simply because the words failed to stimulate the imagination or even reach their target – physically and emotionally.

If the old adage is true that 50% of any marketing campaign goes down the drain why not improve the odds by engaging a creative and professional wordsmith genius?

In senior marketing roles over the past thirty years I have had regular need of writing and editing skills that include listening to and interpreting briefs of all types. I have finally found the perfect crew to meet my diverse objectives and have great pleasure in vouching for the team at A story to tell …

Yes, they offer reliable, creative and supportive service but what mattered most was the time they took to truly understand my requirements. I’m hardly a big corporate entity but I do feel important to their team, and that’s a nice relationship to have.

Take the time to talk to A story to tell… for your communication needs. It’s an excellent investment in strategic, clear, effective communications.


Scotland Island.jpg