Maree Burgess

A friend who has used A story to tell… suggested them to me and I’m so glad she did.

I was at the end of writing my second book Connecting Us - Develop the engaged, goal-kicking team you've always dreamed of, and needed help with the structure and ended up getting so much more. Nicola Dunnicliff-Wells helped with the structure and also challenged my thinking about my audience and even my original title.

The entire experience with A Story to tell… was a positive one. While most of our interactions were via email, there were several opportunities to talk through some changes over the phone.

Having someone with the skills and experience to support me during the editing process was key to me completing the book - as the first round of edits made me feel that the book was never going to be finished. I’ve ended up with something I’m proud to publish.

The biggest sticking point, which I wasn’t even aware of until Nicola pointed it out to me, was trying to fit the book into my original title. And it was actually the wrong title.