Sabine Raschhofer

From the get-go Ann and Jo ‘got me’ as a person and always made sure that their suggested changes would keep my writing authentic. 


John Elliott

Ann has been great assisting me to get the best out of my writing without changing my tone and style.


David Macintosh

Ann is a careful, compassionate and accurate editor and, most importantly, successfully guided me towards eventual publication.


Maree Burgess

Having someone with the skills and experience to support me during the editing process was key to me completing the book… 


Sarah Willoughby

I felt reassured that I had found the right person to guide me through the various editing stages, which she continued to do with flexibility and humour.


Pepi Ronalds

Ann is efficient in so many ways. As an editor she applies her sensitivity to improve words, ensuring clarity and meaning. Her IPEd qualification enables her to be consistent in editorial style. 


Helen Pike

As a writer, editor and interviewer, Ann knew exactly how to ask questions of our guests to get their memories rolling and their stories flowing. And she backed up these concrete skills with patience, compassion and an interest in people.


John Corrigan

I now understand the value of a good editor. A good editor removes content that doesn’t fit, suggests where areas need to be further fleshed out and gives an objective view on the shape of the whole book – all difficult for the author themselves to do.


Dennis Gentilin

Ann was able to allay many of my concerns, and not only provide me with the guidance that all first time authors require, but give me the confidence to take the next step in my journey as a writer – publication.


Mike Adams

I required strong guidance and coaching to bring my book The Intrepid CEO to fruition. I had the raw manuscript ready but I needed some magic to structure the book and strip out the excess, fine-tune the writing and strengthen my voice.


Martin Wren

Ann listens to our needs and then goes off and does her thing... always coming back with something that utterly reflects NOVA Employment. 


Danny McAllister

Although there was a lot to do, she helped me break the work into manageable chunks, always coaching me to think about exactly what I was trying to say then helping me say it clearly. This method both kept the cost down and improved my writing.


Kevin Hadley (Penny Wise)

If the old adage is true that 50% of any marketing campaign goes down the drain why not improve the odds by engaging a creative and professional wordsmith genius?


Maria Lacey

I felt sensitive and vulnerable, and Ann guided me through this journey with understanding, patience and thoughtfulness. 


Gabrielle Bergan

Ann is honest in her feedback and when she’s unsure about something she’ll find out and let you know. She’s also reliable and keeps deadlines.