Plotting backwards


Plotting Backwards gently opened my eyes to a fresh view on how to understand and write an emotionally powerful narrative arc. It clarified the strengths of the story and identified gaps needing to be filled. It was an optimistic revelation and left me eager to get on with focused writing.

Most valuable was the guided investigation of the credible driver of my story. It was missing an understanding of my protagonist’s emotional misbelief and the self-talk that inflates this misbelief and deflects evidence to the contrary. Understanding these powers the narrative and explains the tragedy.

For me, the big takeaway was that the story comes first and that you have to be clear about the emotional driver of that story. Ann’s workshop reveals that and it’s exciting to peel away the dross.

I was surprised at how clear the narrative spine of the story can become with the guidance of an experienced professional. Plotting Backwards helped me focus on what’s really important to my reader.

Ann is a skilled facilitator who gently offered fresh perspectives on my work. When I was feeling bogged down, Ann lifted the fog.

I would highly recommend this workshop to writers who need a hand disentangling the story, who value clarity around their narrative arc and relish that ‘aha!’ moment. It was fun and productive. It really gets you cracking.

- Mary Delahunty