Richard Andrews 

I’d like to share some thoughts on things I found valuable at your workshop in manuscript development and story coaching, and have been pondering since.

As manuscript development is a niche for my freelance business, I was pleased to get pointers on how I might improve, yet also feel validation that I was doing things right.

I particularly enjoyed what you shared about really engaging with the person behind the words and understanding the writer's intention, and the message or theme of the work. Along with your warning us to be aware of personal ‘triggers’ that might affect our approach to certain stories, this got me reflecting on my own work. It’s improved my relationship with clients and potential clients.

I liked your suggestion about getting away from trying to be perfect. I also can relate quite keenly now to the idea that it requires considerable maturity to be a story coach – to offer honest feedback in a way that is compassionate, to honour the effort but also to hold the space to be of real value.

I found you a very engaging speaker and person. It seemed to me you were being yourself up there at the workshop and at the conference so I particularly appreciate that. Thank you.