You’ve got lots of things to do and are eager to do them. But what's the best order to undertake the tasks?

Story coaches are professional sounding boards primed to help you cultivate the craft and confidence to find your place in the world of words.

Think of us as muses, musterers or even monsters prowling after you to meet your writing goals! Story coaches (or writing mentors) create the conditions for your story to find its way. Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, we interrogate your purpose, scrutinise your setting and discover the strongest interplay between character and plot. We strengthen your voice.

Story coaching can take many forms ...

  • fortnightly feedback sessions on the climax of your novel
  • chapter-by-chapter analysis of your second draft
  • weekly reminders to help you stick to your goals
  • writing prompts from a coach who knows your work and what you’re striving to achieve.

... all or none of the above.

It's a personal thing. Let’s chat about what you need.