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Susan Pierotti

My business has been directed towards new authors and those who wish to self-publish. I went to Ann Bolch’s workshop to get ideas on how to offer manuscript assessments for my clients and to see how another book editor works.

When there, I felt that I had ‘met my tribe’! It was encouraging to be in a room with other editors (and be taught by one) who recognise this prime target market.

The workshop itself was practical, fun and encouraging, with real-life examples to work on and advice from all. I learnt that, instead of trying to persuade the client with a free editing sample, I can offer to do a short critique by honing on just three fixable points of concern with their writing.

It was presented in a way that was easy to understand, was hands-on and covered short and ‘long’ manuscript assessments comprehensively. I was most impressed with Ann’s ability to see beyond the dross of each manuscript and encourage each author with pertinent comments.

I would recommend her workshop to all editors with a clientele of authors who wish to self-publish.