Tommy Cotton

As a first-time author soon to self-publish I was searching for proofreading and copy editing for my novel, Just Went Out For Milk. What I received from A story to tell… was that and much more.

I called several editors and proofreaders before speaking to Ann, and was having trouble deciding on who would best help sculpt my work. My decision was made very soon after speaking with Ann. Her easygoing, approachable, almost coach-like manner made me confident that she would be the right editor for me.

The process of working with A story to tell… started with many conversations and emails, so that Ann could learn what I was looking for and so that I was comfortable with her approach and her level of editorial intervention. From there a manuscript appraisal was undertaken, from which I was given several pages of useful feedback.

I worked through another draft based on feedback, all the while pestering Ann with calls and emails about this, that or the other (all of which she responded to swiftly).

After this came the copy-editing process, during which Ann went through the manuscript line by line and delivered the file back to me with suggested adjustments and comments in MS Word. From here, I went through the suggestions and decided which to keep. (I kept the large majority.)

We continued to communicate via email and phone as I worked through this, with Ann clearing up any questions I had. The whole time she was as much a coach as an editor. She guided and helped me beyond what I’d expect. Her knowledge of writing and the industry was outstanding and so helpful for a new author.

Simply, I received a better, more polished manuscript than what I handed in. So far, during the six months Just Went Out For Milk has been released the book has received a great deal of praise and I must thank Ann and Heather Kelly, who proofread JWOFM, for helping the book get to a publishable quality.