Blogs & Beyond: Brunswick 20 July 2019

Blogs & Beyond: Brunswick 20 July 2019

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You're proud of and passionate about the work you do. And you know you need to write about it to get the story out there.

1pm - 5:00pm 

Workshop 1
33 Saxon St
Brunswick VIC 3056

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You're proud and passionate about your cause. And you know you need to write about it to get the story out there. 

But it's not happening.

Blogs and Beyond is one-third professional development, one-third personal development and one-third a map to make your communication ready, real and right. It’s so hands on, there’ll be times when your writing hand actually gets sore!

If blogs are not your thing, that’s fine. You might be aiming for articles, webpages, opinion pieces or Facebook ads. We start with small and manageable chunks so you can: 

  • Distil your thinking

  • Start to write succinctly

  • Develop your 'voice'

  • Repeat the exercise next week or next month (according to your schedule)

  • Actually do it. (No. More. Excuses!)

Using brainstorming, respectful challenges and group smarts, we list the reasons 'why not' then get on with consolidating your 'why'. We gather enough content to last for months and tap into a template to write your first blog, and the next one and the next … 

Blogs and Beyond is suitable for people who need to write for their business, project, event, practice, etc. If you’re not actually writing yet, this will set you on track. This half-day course will test whether or not you have the time and interest to write your stuff. (Or decide to get someone else to do it … )

Want an active, fun and empowering start to writing? Blogs and Beyond is it.

I think the Blogs and Beyond workshop is for anyone who is new to blogging, to inspire and motivate them to have a go, start writing and see what happens. And for those who think they can’t write or don’t know where to start.

- Jane Robotham