Making A Scene: Brunswick 22 July 2019

Making A Scene: Brunswick 22 July 2019

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Learn how to write a scene from scratch…

1pm - 5:00pm 

Workshop 1
33 Saxon Street
Brunswick VIC 3056

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Evoke emotion. Bring in the senses. Show, don’t tell.

All good writing advice. But if you’ve got thousands of words of summary and no scenes, most readers are going to turn away to watch the tellie (which is choc-a-block full of scenes).

In Making A Scene, we build your understanding of what a scene is and what a scene does. We explore examples, practice writing scenes and share our developing understanding in a safe, small group of writers at a similar stage to you. You'll leave the workshop with more scenes to play with.

Making A Scene is suitable for early writers or emerging writers who need to develop the craft of writing scenes.

The Making A Scene workshop made me realise that there’s more to writing than putting great dialogue together.

Creating a scene helped me deepen my writing craft to give my stories so much more colour and texture. One of the scenes I wrote during the workshop has made it all the way into my second draft!

- Veronica Strachan