Plotting Backwards - Introduction: Hobart 5 August 2018

Plotting Backwards - Introduction: Hobart 5 August 2018


A foolproof way to write a pacey story...

10am - 4pm 

Moonah Arts Centre
23-27 Albert Rd, Moonah TAS 

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What's the best narrative arc?

To discover the best narrative arc for your story, we use the technique of starting with the end. It means the steps along the way make sense, according to the story you’re telling. 

This full-day (and we mean full!) session covers the basics that ensure writers’ choices about structure are consistent with the story ideas. This saves time! Topics include:

  • Choosing a story question
  • Using the protagonist’s journey to devise the best climax
  • Plotting backwards from the climax
  • Checking in with the plot, according to the protagonist’s misbelief. 

You will finish the day understanding the most credible driver of your story and use this to establish the spine.

Plotting Backwards – Introduction is good for writers with an undeveloped or not-at-all-developed idea and those who are stuck in their story so need to reimagine the best way to go. 

*For early or emerging writers, or experienced writers starting a new project.

"Under Ann’s guidance plotting backwards makes a lot of sense. You learn to identify the key turning points in your story and the gaps you have to fill to make the novel riveting. It’s a revelatory resource."

- Mary Delahunty