I offer three distinct writing services: copywriting, ghostwriting and collaborwriting.


I produce stories for businesses who don't have their own copywriter or whose communications team needs a hand to deliver content on time and to brief.

This means catchy tailored content for articles, books, blogs, brochures, profiles, newsletters, e-zines and websites.

(I also provide story-coaching services to business people who have the time, interest and capacity to improve their own written communication.)

If you want a reliable long-term relationship with your copywriter who understands the needs of your business to ensure you’re targeting your intended audience with the right words across all of your content, please get in touch.

(Note: I can’t accommodate last-minute jobs from new clients.)



Ghostwriting involves turning your current notes, articles and/or thoughts into polished, publishable prose that reflects your knowledge, beliefs and style.


Use my listening, collating and writing skills to tell your story with your content in your own voice. Magic!

I’ll gather relevant material, interview you to fill in any gaps and then write and write and write! You’ll only hear from me during key milestones that we’ve both agreed on to review the work, gain feedback and glean more material, as necessary.

To find out more about what's involved in ghostwriting, read this succinct blog.

It doesn’t matter if its fiction, memoir or business content, if you have the ideas, but not the time to get them down contact me to help you do just that.


Collaborwriting is so much fun I made up a word for it!

This service is for people who would like to have a go at writing but don’t consider themselves writers. Yet!

As a professional, compassionate story coach, I learn about your needs so together we can create exercises to strengthen your story-telling muscles. It doesn’t matter how messy your thinking seems in your head, I’ll prompt and prod and poke until it starts to makes sense.

It’s a valuable – fun! – investment if you have the time, commitment and inclination to develop your own writing. It’s a flexible approach that we nut out together according to your needs and availability. It’s new! No one else does collaborwration.

Like the sound of collaborwriting? Contact us to discuss how it might work.


My role is to help you make the best story you can.

No matter which stage of the writing process you find yourself in, I offer professional guidance on how to move through that stage and closer to your writing goal.