I've got an idea for a book - can you guide me?

Sure! We enjoy teasing out an author's initial ideas.

Usually we use mind-mapping (brain-storming) as a starting point, but we can start wherever you're up to. If you're comfortable with mind-mapping, you might want to run yourself through this process and then get in contact to engage us to help you make sense of the myriad ideas you came up with. We'll organise them into a plan to follow. This is the first step to writing a book.

During this process you might realise that you:

A. Are willing to and capable of writing your first draft

B. Want some help to organise your thoughts or motivate you to meet milestones

C. Have no interest in writing the book yourself and are keen to get us to ghostwrite

D. Will need some support to write. (After all, this is your first book!) You might be interested in our collaborwriting service

E. None of the above. Get in contact!