mentoring / story coaching


Any writer, non-writer or soon-to-be writer can use story coaching at any stage of their project.  

A bit like mentoring, story coaching is suitable for writers of all levels. We start where you are.

It’s simple and personal. This is how it goes…

I listen to your concerns, ponder your questions and learn about your goals for the writing then we discuss possible ways into, around or through your particular conundrum, be it plotting fiction, writing blog posts, mapping out your business book or [fill in your special quandary here!].

Out of the confusion and chaos emerges a conversation that makes sense, a plan that feels right and some achievable steps to get where you need to go.

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Story coaches are professional sounding boards primed to help you cultivate the craft and confidence to find your place in the world of words. Story coaching is flexible, according to your needs so starts exactly where you need it to start.

Check out the following examples…



At this early stage I work with you to unscramble, clarify and develop your thoughts, choose a place to start and help you, well, start!

We come up with a plan that identifies your gaps, nurtures your style and grows your confidence in an idea, soon-to-be-called project.

As a professional story coach, I use techniques such as prompts, brainstorming, mind-mapping and clever questions to turn your thoughts into words. Nothing fancy – just quality one-on-one time focusing on you and your work.



Once you have your ideas down and developed, we can work on your writing skills.

Choose to either work on your project or something completely different as you grow your voice, hone your techniques and craft your style.

Working with me is fun, flexible and frees you up to suss out if this writing thing’s for you. (Because, you know, it doesn’t have to be … ) Story coaching helps you find out.


The idea is solid. You know you can write. You just need a bit of support to shift the project to the next stage.

Maybe factoring writing into your day seems beyond you. Perhaps you’ve lost your (narrative) plot? Or there’s something stopping you from writing the next chapter.

Let’s sit down (either in person or over one of the technologies available) and nut out what you need. You know what they say about two heads being better than one… especially when the second head has a fresh set of eyes, is a professional writer, and is on your side.