Pepi Ronalds

Ann Bolch generously cast her editorial eye over my essay ‘After Shock – Experiencing the 2011 Japanese Earthquake’.

She tightened my prose while encouraging me and respecting my writer’s voice.

At the end of the process I not only had a better essay but also a better understanding of my own writerly weaknesses and a list of things I can do to overcome them.

That list remains a presence at my desk and I refer to it in the review phase of all of my work.

Ann is efficient in so many ways. As an editor she applies her sensitivity to improve words, ensuring clarity and meaning.

Her IPEd qualification enables her to be consistent in editorial style.

Her project management skills get everything done in an organised and timely manner. And she can write too.

If you want to see her work in action, check out her mark-up of my post in this co-production, ‘On Writing Tight and Loving Hard Arses’.

Ann is a sensitive and capable editor as well as great writer. Hire her!