Short critiques are a quick way for writers to understand their strengths and areas for improvement when it comes to expression, grammar and style.

It’s a nit-picky look at a short piece of your writing, which appraises, among other things, how you could write more clearly or consistently, strengthen your voice or understand what you can do improve the pace of your prose.

Early-career or emerging writers can use this short-critique service as often as they like, each time building on past learning to improve their writing and their understanding of how to craft a story. If this sounds useful, check out our story-coaching service that supports all writers at all stages to improve their work at a pace that suits them.

Every piece of writing is different so we quote according to the sample you send send for appraisal depends on your interest, budget and where you’re up to in your project. This service is great for people new to the game and/or on a budget.p>

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