Empty head to first blog (in ten steps)

how to write a blog

You’re at the laptop with a whole hour to spare, fingers at the keys. Ready.

But your head is empty. Perhaps you should try meditation (your head is never this empty) rather than writing your blog.

Before you sit on the cushion omming, try this:

  1. Push away from the laptop

  2. Pick up a pen and a sheet of paper

  3. Write ‘possible blog topics’ in the middle of the sheet

  4. Without thinking, start writing any and all ideas that come to your head. Write them all down, no matter how silly, dated, corny, unusual or scary they feel. Do not edit, decide or in any way judge what’s coming out. Keep going until you seem to have run out of ideas, for now.

  5. Have a cup of tea

  6. Start to link the thoughts on your sheet of paper. Which fall into groups most readily? Which ideas need to be split into two or three (linked) blogs?

  7. You’re allowed to judge now. Which topics have the most energy for you? Which might make a good opening blog? Where are your knowledge gaps? How might you plug them?

  8. Choose the three best ideas from the list above

  9. Then choose the juiciest one from the best three

  10. Use the Handy Blog Template to make a plan for writing your first blog.

With all of this material down, now you won’t be staring at the blank screen with blank eyes from a blank head. Now you can write your blog. Later, you can meditate.

May your words pour onto the page,



Note: we have workshops to help you out with just this! Blogs and Beyond will be held in Victoria during March. Find out more here