Always begin again


We’re blogging again.

It was always a break, but it turned out to be an embarrassingly long one as we tinkered and fiddled and made our new website just right in among the competing daily tasks …

So, we have begun again. There is so much more to say about writing in flow, including the importance of knowing that you can always begin again.

Because you can’t achieve flow if you’re not writing. If you’re not challenging yourself regularly and often to come up with the goods.

In the past few months, Jennifer Louden has taught me so much about beginning again. Until I got this concept, I always felt behind, like it wasn’t worth re-starting because I’d never catch up. But whose standards do I have to catch up with? That’s right. My own. So there’s a little conundrum that I no longer have to deal with ;-)!

Here is a list of what I’ve re-started since my change of attitude: 

• Less anxious about the delayed publishing of our website
• A daily morning yoga practice that is changing each day for the better. (Without it I get debilitatingly stiff, store and depressed.)
• A diet that has changed my life after decades of poor gut and mental health
• Found my way back into my first novel manuscript, after a hiatus of four years
• Treating my injuries with care and respect by moving after just 25 minutes at the desk (and still maintaining productivity)
• Less disappointed when I don’t write perfect prose straight away.


In all areas of life, beginning again can happen at any time. 

But beware: beginning again can mean you take on shedloads too much stuff. (What’s the rush? No really … Not a rhetorical question. What. Is. The. Rush?)

If you’re in need of a kicker to help you begin again, Jen Louden has a free, week-long, get-back-to-creating online course starting today. I’m enrolled!

If you need to 'begin again' with your business writing, you could do worse than to particpate in ASTT's Blogs & Beyond Workshops. Go on, click :-). 

May your words pour onto the page, 

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