The swirling mess of starting a writing project

how to get over writers block

Unfortunately, most of us can’t just start at step 1: take a sheet of paper and pen, or a blank screen, if you’re so inclined, and write what we wanna write.

This will work for seasoned writers, but even for them not all of the time.

The bad news is that at A story to tell we’ve identified three actions that need to be taken all at once in order to tackle the swirling mess of starting a writing project (or, indeed, any creative project?) Worse still, these actions need to be taken when we’re feeling most wobbly. This is what makes a writing project so messy and so hard to start.

For example, while you’re pretty sure your writing sucks, because all of your attempts in the past have failed (or been less than impressive, according to your sweet self), at the same time you have to nurture the confidence and generate ideas to create an outline of what you need to do. Then actually do it.

It’s a classic chicken-and-egg scenario, where any one of the three actions can help or hinder the others, and influence whether you shift yourself forward.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we’re going to post a daily question on Facebook* about possible blocks to starting in an attempt to untangle this swirling mess.

Untangle? Yes.

We’re not ‘fixing’ the mess. The mess is a gift to creation. Why? Because it’s your very own mess! And in among the swirling strands is your ‘thing’ – your life’s work, your unique understanding, your contribution.

* If you’re not on Facebook and would rather have these emailed, please let us know.

May your words pour onto the page, 

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Don’t want to untangle your swirling mess alone?

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