Two good reasons *not* to write a book


When Jack and Juanita got in touch last year about each of their projects, at the outset I was excited. Both ideas were engaging. Both were undeveloped. Both seemed passionate about their topics.

But then we got into the nitty gritty of their motivation for writing their books.

Jack’s shift in perspective occurred during our second phone conversation when he realised that his kids are growing up at a different time to him and so will face challenges unique to them.

He decided that his ‘growing up’ manifesto, however lovingly and thoughtfully produced, would be more about him than them. He was honest enough to know that’s not what he wanted to spend hours and hours and hours on in the months ahead. So he thanked me for my time and off he went.

Juanita’s ‘aha’ moment came right out of her own mouth when she attended one of my Blogs & Beyond courses last year.

‘But how long will this take?’ she gasped, as I talked her through the ins and outs of setting up a blog that could, over a couple of years, develop her thinking and writing to the point that a book may generate from the content.

My answer: a long time!

Her retort: but I’ve got so much else to do!

My response: and it sounds like you’d rather do that than write a book ;-)!

This is fine. In fact, this is great! Imagine if you slogged away at something that you weren’t that into, because you thought you should or just hoped that you could. Life’s too short.

If you think you might have a book in you, get in contact. As you can see, we really will help you work out if this gig’s for you at this time.

May your words pour onto the page,