What’s the right verb?


I have an announcement to make.

But it’s really hard to find the right words. (The irony is not lost… )

Specifically, it’s really hard to find the right verb.

All of the verbs we currently use for such things feel like they diminish the subject.

I’ll show you what I mean …

I’m scaling back my business. I’ve decided that working solo will be better for my health, which will be better for absolutely everything in my life. It’s that simple. But it’s a decision I’ve put off for a long time, because I love working with a little team.

I’ve challenged us to flex our skills in manuscript appraisals or ghostwriting. We’ve all improved our scoping and quoting of prospective projects, which makes work soooooo much easier and soooooo much more fun. There’s been camaraderie and learning and sharing of ideas in a field known for hiding away in garrets.

But I digress. The problem I have right now is how to describe what I’m up to.

Scaling back. Winding up. Going back to just me. Cutting back. None of these phrases sound how I feel.

I’m definitely recalibrating. That’s a strong-sounding word that contains the sort of complexity and challenge I’m going through.

I’m on my way towards quenching my thirst for a life with more space to choose my daily activities. Quench is one of my favourite verbs.

I’m opening myself to fresh – air, ideas, places – even though I’m closing aspects of my business. Open, yes, I like that.

But all of these explanations need, er, explaining! There’s no short-cut term with an optimistic flavour for what I’m doing.

Or is there?

Our trusty creative and administration colleague, Alina, suggested exfoliate. How very onomatopoeic! Nice. Then she got on a roll and, though she didn’t want to refer to her good self as ‘clutter’, knew for sure that I am ‘de-cluttering’ my life!

Perhaps you can help. Maybe there’s the perfect verb out there for what I’m doing.  I just haven’t met it yet.

May your words pour onto the page,