An outsider looking into storytelling


Well, hi there.

This week, I have been granted the opportunity to absorb myself in what A story to tell … has to offer. I came here for work experience, and I am so glad I did. Here's what I discovered as an outsider looking into storytelling through sitting with the lovely Ann and occasionally Alina (who is also equally wonderful) experiencing all that a 15-year-old girl can about this admirable business.

I have done so many of the exciting tasks ASTT has to offer that can be done by someone as inexperienced as I am. I’ve been able to see the process that people go through to get a book or website published. Through this I’ve developed a great respect for writers, editors, and the like. I never really realised how much work goes into creating a piece of writing worth the public’s approval. So much time is spent creating, analysing and editing to bring a manuscript up to its finest capabilities.

In my time here I have made up a table of editing symbols, converted a newspaper article into a LinkedIn post and composed a tweet. I have read through first, second and third drafts of a short story as it developed, and observed the behind-the-scenes goings on of generating publishable writing.

I’ve learned many things this week, but the lesson that really stood out for me is that everybody has a story. Whether it be a monk retelling his own spiritual journey or the person sitting in front of me on the way home on the train. Places like A story to tell … allow ordinary people to tell others their own extra-ordinary stories.

The people here at A story to tell … try their best to help you shape a piece of writing you can be proud of. They care about each and every word on the page like a mother cares about a child. I have been very lucky to be a part of that and to see how the world of storytelling turns from an inside perspective.

And let me sign off with this. May your words pour onto the page :).