Memoirs - not just for old people


So, having made it past this somewhat provocative headline – after all, what is ‘old’? – you might be wondering, Who are memoirs for then?

It’s true – memoirs, biographers and life stories are mostly about older people. Retirees. People celebrating milestone birthdays. Couples celebrating anniversaries.

But I have a fantasy that the world realises that it’s never too early to tell your story, but it can be too late.

I developed my memoir-writing skills about fifteen years ago when I helped create a memoirs program for the palliative care home, Fernlea House.

This experience made me acutely aware of the affirmation that comes from a person telling their story, from having a biographer listen closely to their tales, from someone recording, transcribing and lightly editing the words.

From the story teller being able to review and approve what’s been said and continue on to the next session to leave a legacy that will endure through generations to come.

Listening to stories of people who were dying made me understand that a professionally guided and supported recording of our life story is affirming, connecting and healing, no matter the age of the speaker.

Do you know of a talkative ten-year-old?

What about an articulate fifteen-year-old?

A 20-something who has just returned from their first trip overseas?

A couple so in love they’re an inspiration to all around them?

What about the quiet 29-year-old who you know has silently struggled to get where they are?

We all have stories to tell.

The ASTT team creates a hearty and safe space to guide all kinds of people, from reluctant speakers through to the extremely enthusiastic (aka ‘Can’t shut them up!’), and everyone in between, to review their life, pick the bits they want to share and speak their truth.

Know someone with a story to tell? Put them in touch.

May your words pour onto the page,