Business content writing - DIY or GSE? (Get Someone Else.)

Should you use a copywriter or do it yourself

When it comes to writing content for your business, should you DIY or GSE? (Get Someone Else.)

Here are the pros and cons:

1. DIY

  • Maintain control over content and tone

  • Can do it when and where I want to

  • Only 'I' know my stories

  • Only costs my time.

2. GSE (preferably a professional writer)

  • Can interpret your content and tone to reflect your brand

  • It gets done (no matter how busy you are)

  • Helps you come up with fresh ideas

  • Sees your products and services from your client’s point of view

  • Meets regular deadlines with catchy content

  • Not as costly as you might fear, especially once your strong stories start stealing traction.

Yet there’s also a third option …

3. SYU (Skill Yourself Up!)

If you’re interested in writing, but don’t yet have the skills to put your words out there, a story coach can help you improve your writing at the pace you can afford (factor in time, money and effort).

A smart, savvy, sensitive story coach engages at a deep level to ensure they ‘get’ you and your business, before guiding you to improve your prose and supporting you to try new things. In just a few sessions (really!) your skills and confidence improve, ideas generate more ideas and you’re writing engaging content direct to your audience.

ASTT also runs workshops for business owners to learn the art and craft of writing content.

You know you need content. Everyone needs content. How are you going to do it?




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May your words pour onto the page,