Blogs & Beyond: how it came to be


Do you have something worth writing?

To me the world seems divided into two types of people: 

  1. People who think they can write

  2. People who think they can’t write.

I’m of the opinion that, like walking, swimming and singing, anyone with the right equipment can be taught to write. So when, over the years, I’ve heard business owner after business owner say, ‘I wish I could write it down’, I decided to do something about it.

Blogs & Beyond was born. 

Through a safe and practical experience, I wanted to help people learn: 

  1. The skills required to get ideas out of heads onto pages/screens

  2. Whether they enjoyed the process

  3. If they should bother.

There are loads and loads of blocks to writing – some are legitimate, many are not. For example, ‘I don’t have any new ideas’ might mean that, indeed, you are not that interested in exploring your field’s latest thinking or pushing yourself to express your unique take on your passion. That’s fine. But if you’ve got an inkling that, actually, with some support, you might be able to brush the dust off and come up with some freshies then who are you to deny yourself the opportunity?

‘I don’t know where to start’ is another common block. But this gets sorted in the first hour of the Blogs & Beyond course, so if you want to hold onto that one, you better not sign up.

‘I was/wasn’t good at writing at school’ is a classic, but goodness me! Do you still dress in flares or knickerbockers or leg warmers? 

Things change. You’ve actually got something to say now. This isn’t Mrs McDougal making you write a fantasy story based on your reading of The Wizard of Earthsea. (Of course, this nerd actually loved that assignment and got an A+. Just saying that I know how long this shit lasts…) 

‘What if I run out of things to say?’ is an interesting one. It’s really worth answering, rather than leaving it to the keeper (the keeper of rhetorical questions, that is). What’s the worst that could happen? (Really, answer that one, too.) Anyway, in my experience, ideas generate more ideas. It’s exciting.

And that’s what Blogs & Beyond is about. We expose personal blocks, generate loads of ideas and introduce you to the craft of writing, so you can decide for yourself whether you have something worth writing.

May your words pour onto the page,