On story coaching


I invented story coaching.

I mean I heard it first in my own head. I didn’t hear about it through others. Though I do acknowledge that someone somewhere might have been thinking of it at the same time as me (or even before!)

Story coaching, eh? I wanted to be able to help people with their writing at whatever stage they found themselves. Could this be offered as a service? 

I’d buy it …  

But would others? 

A story coach is like a coach, counsellor, reviewer, sister and lecturer all rolled into one. There’s a shedload of value wrapped up in this role. 

To pull it off, a story coach has to be not just a writer, more than an editor and a damn fine teacher. They need to care about the author’s work, keep it in their heads and hearts, and share challenging feedback with honesty and grace. 

The writer needs to be dedicated, too. They have to show commitment and creativity and curiosity in equal measure, because that's how this relationship works. With the help of a story coach writers get writing done. They develop voice, understand character, finish projects… 

When the author is active, disciplined and curious, they learn quickly. While acknowledging the need for genuine reflection time, story coaches save time, energy and angst, through being: 

  • A fresh set of eyes

  • A professional ear

  • Unafraid to tell the writer how they see it

  • Engaged in learning the craft of writing

  • Dedicated to the writer's development

  • Committed to understanding the author and their story, as well as their aims and ambitions, hopes and dreams.

If you have a story to tell and have an inkling that you'd like to tell it yourself, rather than engage a ghostwriter, why not consider story coaching?

May your words pour onto the page,