Get the ball rolling… useful memoir prompts


Use these prompts in whatever way you would like to.

For yourself to journal. For you father as a gift for Father’s Day. For your dying sister. For your funny aunty. For your grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary. For your son on his tenth birthday…

These prompts can and will prompt other prompts. (They’re the prompts that keep on, er, prompting.) Go with it. If something resonates more than what’s below, my work here is done.

One tip.

Don’t read through the entire list at once. Keeping the prompts spontaneous seems to bring out the best in them. One at a time.

The prompts: 

Describe the first item of clothing you remember wearing.

List the things you have made in your life.

What do you think about water?

 Did/do you have a favourite relative? Why are they your favourites?

List three things you admire about yourself.

The personal is political. Respond.

I love/hate/don’t care for gardening, because …

List the most exciting events of your life.

I’m most at rest when …

If I could only take one song to a deserted island, it would be…

The best gift I ever received was …

Something I think not many people know about me is…

When I was little, this was my favourite game to play.

I do/don’t like jokes, because…

My first car.


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May your words pour onto the page, 


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