Cut through the Dad jokes straight into the Dad stories...

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For most of us, the greatest gift it to be listened to.

So we’ve compiled a list of prompts to get your dad going this Father’s Day (or the week after Father’s Day, because he’s too busy opening his packages of socks or wallets or whisky). Or to get your uncle, or your neighbour or brother or son talking about their lives and what’s important.

We’ve divided the questions in different types of Dads: sporty, foodie, bookish, country, worky and spirit Dad. Of course, your dad (uncle, grandpa, etc.) is more likely a combo of these Dads, and more. Choose the prompts you think will suit him and sit down quietly together. (Remember to press record if you want to keep the memories forever.)

You might even suggest that the kids ask the question of their elders. However you use these prompts, let us know if they’re useful:

Not sure about how to approach this? These tips will help.

** Download our easily printable Father's Day prompts here.** 

Sporty Dad:

1.     What’s so good about sport?

2.     What don’t you love about sport?

3.     What games did you play as a kid?

4.     Describe your favourite day on the field/court/pitch/ground/in the pool.

5.     If I couldn’t play sport then …

6.     What’s your opinion on politics and sport?

7.     When I was young I wanted to be …

Foodie Dad:

1.     Describe your favourite meal.

2.     If you could only take 5 foods to a deserted island, what would they be?

3.     Choose one: butter or margarine?

4.     The secret to a great meal is …

5.     Tell me, Dad – does the world have enough food for everyone? Explain.

6.     Sweet or savoury?

7.     The worst meal I can remember eating … (Why did you continue eating it?)

Bookish Dad:

1.     If I couldn’t read I …

2.     You can only take 3 books to a deserted island, what are they?

3.     What’s your favourite word? Why?

4.     If I could be one fictional character, I’d be …

5.     A story that really affected me was … (could be oral, article, novel, poem, etc.)

6.     Choose: public library/private collection?

7.     Places around the world that came to me through stories…

Worky Dad:

1.     Why do you work so hard? (No seriously, I’m interested to know.)

2.     If you had a second go at life, what would you change?

3.     What would be the best job in the world?

4.     Describe your perfect day.

5.     What was your mum like?

6.     Choose one: early to bed or early to rise?

7.     Tell me how you learnt to drive.

Spirit Dad:

1.     Who or what influenced you the most early in your life?

2.     What are the benefits of meditation to you?

3.     Which 3 tools would you take to a deserted island to help you survive and thrive?

4.     Earth, water, fire, air – you have to choose a favourite. Which is it?

5.     What happens when we die, Dad?

6.     Tell me about a few of the things you’ve made with your hands.

7.     What’s your favourite animal? Why?

Country Dad:

1.     In the city, I feel …

2.     What was the first tool you ever bought?

3.     My favourite place in the world would have to be …

4.     How could Australia improve life for country people, Dad?

5.     Describe the place in which you grew up.

6.     If you could drive any car in the world for a day, what would it be?

7.     Water – tell me about water, Dad.

May his words pour onto the page, 


Photo by Oskars Sylwan on Unsplash.