Service as usual with right-sizing


Thanks to colleague and friend, David Brewster, who, having worked in the corporate sector for many years, always has his eye out for new weasel words, I have the new word for what I’m up to. Right-sizing.

As a writer, it’s good to have a word, aint it? To be sure, right-sizing is a pretty clunky word. (If you come across a better one out there, send it my way!) Yet to be shaping my business, and life, into a size that fits, that moulds to my body and supports my mind feels really, really, really good!

Aside from not offering proofreading as a stand-alone service any longer, it will be ‘service as usual’ here at ASTT HQ.

My services include writing, editing and story coaching for writers, soon-to-be writers and never-wanna-be writers. The latter collection of folks can enjoy copywriting, ghostwriting and collaborwriting. Or, if you’re surfing the edge between wanna-be and never-wanna-be, you can look into story coaching, which is fast becoming my favourite way to work.

Story coaching grows clients’ writing skills while they work on their project. It’s fun, flexible and worthwhile if you have an interest in developing the craft of putting words together, but never had the opportunity.

For writers, we … (oops, I mean, ‘I’ … this will take some getting used to!) …

For writers, I still offer in-depth, engaged manuscript appraisals, manuscript development and copyediting, as well as story coaching. No matter where you’re up to in your project – can’t find the right end to your novel, structure of your business book not working, too many ideas for your next short story – story coaching can nudge you to the next step, and the next, and ... Yep, it’s like that.

But story coaching is not addictive. No! It’s designed to help you when you need it by tapping into your strengths, strengthening your gaps and increasing your confidence as we go. The next time you get into a similar pickle, you’ll know what to do. With story coaching, you come back when you need insight and or support.  For example, sometimes it may only take 15 minutes for me to remind you of what you already know and then you’re on your way again.

Have a look at the new site. It’s a simplified version of the old site. It looks cleaner and Alina tells me it’s even behaving itself in the backend in a way that it didn’t when there were eight of us taking up space.

I’m enjoying working out the right size and shape for my life. It’s grounding and energising at the same time. I’m not surprised – just like my personalised services, one size doesn’t fit all.

Thanks Alina Golovachenko for more than four years of learning, laughing and leaning in. Xx

May your words pour onto the page,