Unique, personal Fathers' Day gift


Your Dad's stories won't tell themselves! (Well, they do. We all know they do! But they won't be recorded - and saved, forever - without getting organised.)

The perfect gift from the family is a session or three with a biographer, who'll listen as though it's the first time they've heard about when the car broke down out past Maffra or the way your mother swept me off my feet at the disco. (Disco, how I love that word!)

From now until 15 December 2019, I'm offering memoir packages at current prices before a price-rise in 2020. Take advantage, mates, for your parents' 50th wedding anniversary, your grown-up kid's 18th, your good friend's 40th. It's never too early to get that story down, but it can be too late. Enquire now. It costs nothing to have a quick chat.

If you want to kick off the experience or even DIY, because it's such a good idea, here are some prompts for Fathers' Day.