A new offering for all types of writers

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Writers, lapsed writers and soon-to-be writers...

Are you having enough fun with your own writing?

I'm not!

And I'm keen to change that.

This is how I think it might go. I'd love your feedback - questions and concerns, things you would definitely be interested in and things you would definitely be not!

Here's what I'm thinking:

Working title: For the Love Of Writing (FLOW)

A series of linked offerings that can be taken separately or as the complete package as needed.

1. Daily prompts dropping into your inbox early in the a.m. that you can access at any time throughout your day. You'll be asked to set a timer for 10 minutes and write by hand in your notebook. (No workshopping of this material. It's too early, too unformed.)

2. Weekly checkins, scheduled for the same time each week, and recorded for access anytime, preferably not via Facebook, because not everyone is there, but via a digital platform where we chat about the challenges, the joys and the intimacies of writing (and growing through our writing).

3. Monthly swells, an online video or audio of 50 minutes, where we write together using prompts to reflect on our writing life, our life life, to start blogs and write scenes, and rest, recover and rejoice in writing. It's recorded for if you can't make the live session, and these sessions shift around different days and times so that most people can tap into a live session at least quarterly.

4. Face-to-face retreats that encourage you to write, rest and play. All genres, all experiences, and varying lengths of time. If you want to write a lot there's space to do so. If you want to sort out your shit, there's space to do so. If you want time together or alone, there's space to do so...

Please send me your thoughts. I'm still pondering and researching so if this interests you, you can help form the plan ;-).